Drawing Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984 | Movie Art

Drawing Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984 | Movie Art

If you have been hiding under a rock you may not know that this movie is to be part of the DC Universe and will be released in mid 2020. To watch my drawing of the movie art please click the video below. Also note that I used Prismacolor Pencils and Ohuhu Markers to complete the image.

Following on from the original Wonder Woman where Gal Gadot was amazing is this sequel with a return to 1984. To consider that I love the art on this poster, I decided it would be an excellent project to recreate.

For the portrait I use Prismacolor Premier pencils to blend in the tones and colours on Gal Gadot. Then I used Ohuhu Markers to complete the vibrant background. Initially I was going to do the whole piece in pencil but then found that it was time consuming enough on the costume. As a result the ohuhu markers provided a real depth in the background and help to seperate Gadot in the foreground.

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