Color Theory | Art Color Schemes | Color Wheel | Watercolor Tutorial

Color Theory Schemes & Wheel

Learn Color Theory 101 in this episode through a watercolor painting based tutorial. So that you can learn how to make your own color wheel and use color schemes to bring your pictures to life. Also watch as I unbox my newest addition of Winsor & Newton watercolor paints. For instance, to make it easy for you to access I have created the links below for you to watch as you please. Above all, I hope this helps and please feel free to share this content and comment below!

Also to note that I am using this with my kids for homeschooling for an art lesson. So please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see more similar content in the future.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Winsor & Newton Unbox
1:12 Color Chart
2:45 Color Wheel
4:45 Color Wheel Reference
4:53 Monochromatic Scheme
6:30 Analogous Scheme
7:25 Complimentary Scheme
8:36 Split Complimentary Scheme
9:44 Triadic Scheme
10:33 Tetradic Scheme

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Watercolor Paints – Winsor & Newton –
MEEDEN Watercolor Paper 300gsm, 20 Sheets –
Mechanical Pencil :
Mechanical leads :
Kneaded Eraser Pro-Art:
Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Impact Pen White Ink (Set of 5) –


Artist – Song
Revel Day, Jobii – Stockholm (Instrumental)
Gloria Tells – Can we try again (Instrumental)
Spring Gang – Is this over (Instrumental)
Spring Gang – And then I wake up (Instrumental)
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