JAMAICA in my SKETCHBOOK with Acrylic paints!

Similarly to previous weeks, welcome to my JAMAICA in my SKETCHBOOK with Acrylic paints video.
I’m loving the Jamaica theme so much in my bullet journal that I’ve decided to create a fresh scene of Jamaica in acrylic paint in a BRAND NEW SKETCHBOOK!

Follow along as I guide you through a step by step tutorial on how I use the acrylic paints while sharing my tips and techniques on how to paint. As I mention at the beginning of the video I love the thought of a Horse Ride in Jamaica at sunset so for now I will have to experience my adventure through art! Above all if you enjoy my art channel please Like the video & Subscribe to my channel to help me out. So thank you very much for watching!
Torryn x

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In addition this music was sourced via https://www.epidemicsound.com/
The Artist for these songs is Jobii

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:44 Photo Reference Composition
  • 2:29 Grid it up
  • 2:59 Sky
  • 4:00 Clouds
  • 4:50 Sunset Horizon
  • 6:34 Palm Trees and Huts
  • 7:38 Sand
  • 9:18 Horse Ride Silhouette
  • 10:00 Water
  • 10:42 Is this working??
  • 11:38 Paint the Silhouette
  • 11:59 Shoreline
  • 13:00 Layering Highlights and Seperation
  • 13:55 Final Touches
  • 14:15 Jamaica!
  • 14:35 Peel & Reveal


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