JORDAN in my SKETCHBOOK with Watercolors

JORDAN SKETCHBOOK with Watercolors
To add with my monthly Bullet Journal theme this here is my sketchbook watercolor art work for the beautiful country of Jordan!

Follow along as I guide you through a step by step like tutorial on how I use the watercolors while sharing my tips and techniques on how to paint. This piece was really enjoyable and I have tried to be as loose and relaxed when creating so sit back and enjoy the this interpretation of a Bedoiun traveller through the Wadi Rum desert!

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Sourced via
Artists – Vendla and Andres Cantu


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:22 Beginning explanation
  • 0:52 Red design
  • 1:31 1st base layer watercolor (desert & mountain)
  • 5:10 2nd layer watercolor
  • 6:25 Shadow mapping
  • 7:28 Background mountain depth
  • 8:02 Goache Mix and shadow detail
  • 8:49 Foreground colors and highlight
  • 9:22 Foreground camels
  • 10:42 Finish and reveal


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