PLAN WITH ME | AUGUST 2020 Bullet Journal Setup | Austria theme

So this is my AUGUST 2020 Bullet Journal. It’s time to setup the month of August in my Bullet Journal. Thank you so much to everyone who commented to help me choose this months theme! I’m sorry if you were really hoping to see Argentina or Angola but please know that my goal is to eventually cover every country on our beautiful planet so it won’t be the last you hear of these countries – they will likely be covered next year 🙂 So, onto the country of the month – Austria! Wow, what an amazing place this is – I had so much inspiration to work from! So it was actually hard to narrow the choices down to best showcase my idea of Austria. Above all, I hope you like what I came up with and look forward to hearing your fave bits and choices for the country next month.

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AUGUST 2020 Bullet Journal.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:41 July Flip through and Thank you
  • 1:12 Cover Page (Vorderer Gosausee)
  • 6:31 Calendar spread (Sigmund Freud Quote)
  • 8:51 Needs & Wants Page (Sound of Music)
  • 10:17 Meal Planner Page (Apple Strudel)
  • 11:14 Mind Map Page (Sissi; Romy Schneider & Edelweiss)
  • 15:32 Goodliness Page (Mirabell Gardens & Mozart)
  • 17:44 First Week spread (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • 19:15 Final flip through


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