September Bullet Journal Setup | 2020 South Korea Bullet Journey

September Bullet Journal Setup

My September Bullet Journal setup is South Korean themed and what a unique place it is so I felt the need for a unique portrayal! So this setup here is something different and creative from other common bullet journal themes. So within this theme includes Seoul at night in neon, the South Korean flag with the Taegeuk, Psy Gangnam Style, Robots, Technology, Korean cuisine, BoA, Siberian tiger, Kayagum, Changdeokgung palace and more. Also join me in My Bullet Journey and please let me hear your feedback, comments and suggestions. ♥️ Torryn x x

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:16 Cover Page sketch & ink – Seoul @ night
  • 2:33 Cover Page colors
  • 4:23 Cover Page Border & Dutch Door
  • 4:52 Calendar, Cleaning & Youtube Growth tracker
  • 5:28 Taegeuk explanation
  • 6:01 Psy – Gangnam Style reference
  • 6:35 Needs & Wants – Robots & Tech
  • 7:24 Meal Planner – Kimchee, Bibimbap & Soju
  • 8:18 Mind Map – (Quan) BoA
  • 9:54 Mid Map Title & Outfit
  • 10:32 South Korea National flower – Hibiscus
  • 11:25 Goodliness Spread – Kayagum & Sam Taegeuk
  • 12:05 Arirang – Details, Pronunciation & Siberian Tiger
  • 12:52 Weekly Page – UNESCO site – Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul
  • 14:00 Final flip through & Bullet Journal Cover question


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