How to DRAW PORTRAITS in your Bullet Journal + December Weekly Setup

How to DRAW PORTRAITS in your Bullet Journal + December Weekly Setup
Can’t believe I lost the footage to all my weeklies but I am hoping it was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to show you guys a bit of a deeper look into how I draw/colour my pencil portraits in my bullet journal (this month is Heidi Klum as seen in my December BuJo setup)
I hope you can pick up some tips and that I describe it well enough for you to follow. I have loved “visiting” Germany – what an amazing place to see (definitely on my bucket list!) Please let me know what you think in the comments down below – I feel quite happy with how this turned out and if you want to see this each month instead of the full weekly setup or in addition just let me know!
♥️ Torryn x x

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How to DRAW PORTRAITS in your Bullet Journal + December Weekly Setup
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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:25 Weekly Spread Two – German Dogs
  • 0:43 Weekly Spread Three – German Automotive Brands
  • 1:06 Weekly Spread Four – Free University in Germany!
  • 1:22 Weekly Spread Five – New years eve / Silvester Fireworks in Berlin
  • 2:02 Outline the portrait
  • 2:31 How to start with the skin
  • 3:31 Pencil Strokes layer for coverage
  • 4:06 How to add darker mid tones
  • 5:00 Add depth with shadows
  • 5:44 Blend wax based pencils for soft transitions
  • 6:30 Pale greys for soft shadows
  • 7:16 Choosing colors for different skin tones
  • 8:41 Black pencil for eye definition
  • 9:38 Eyes draw attention so use detail
  • 10:30 take a step back and assess
  • 10:49 How to build the lips
  • 11:30 Teeth can be tricky
  • 12:30 Electric erasers are handy
  • 13:06 Ink saves time in Bullet Journals
  • 14:00 Water Based Markers create a bold graphic look
  • 14:29 Pencil gives a darker tone and texture
  • 15:10 White gel pens are excellent for highlights
  • 15:39 I loove GOLD!
  • 16:19 Final, Like, Subscribe and comment to let me hear your feedback!

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