2021 Bullet Journal Setup | PLAN WITH ME | My Bullet Journey

2021 Bullet Journal Setup | PLAN WITH ME | My Bullet Journey
Starting a fresh new year in my brand new bullet journal! (Cheers to 2021 being a better year for everyone too) There is nothing better than starting a new journal or sketchbook – it is honestly one of my favorite things … if it’s alongside a cup of earl grey tea and you have perfection!

So join me in this video as I setup the annual pages at the beginning of my journal to get me setup for 2021. I also thought I would explain a bit about bullet journaling if you haven’t heard of it much before. I hope it inspires you to get started on the wonderful habit of bullet journaling it has helped me to stay productive, planned while also building my art skills and I have loved the whole journey. If you are interested in learning more about these bullet journals including the 180gsm paper – the link to my website or Etsy Shop is down below. Thanks for watching. Torryn x ♥️ Torryn x x

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2021 Bullet Journal Setup | PLAN WITH ME | My Bullet Journey
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  • 0:00 How to enjoy Bullet Journaling in 2021
  • 0:21 What is a Bullet Journal?
  • 0:47 Why do you Bullet Journal?
  • 1:40 What do need to Bullet Journal?
  • 2:05 How to setup your Bullet Journal
  • 2:50 2021 Bullet Journal setup
  • 3:10 Cover Page spread
  • 5:12 CHALLENGE – Draw yourself in your favorite holiday destination; Instagram -@torrynmarieart #mybulletjourney
  • 7:27 Quote Page spread
  • 8:53 Key & Grid spacing Reference guide
  • 10:58 Goals/Resolutions Page
  • 12:40 Month by Month Calendar
  • 14:58 Cleaning Calendar
  • 16:43 Income/Finance/Budget/Savings Tracker
  • 18:01 Weight Loss Tracker
  • 19:08 Favorite Meal Reminder Reference Page
  • 20:10 Final Flip through

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