MAY Bullet Journal Setup 2021 PLAN WITH ME Yemen 4k

MAY Bullet Journal Setup 2021 PLAN WITH ME Yemen 4k
So join me as I set up my monthly spreads in my Bullet Journal in the theme of Yemen, a beautiful but suffering country in the Southern Arabian Peninsula. As chosen by a lot of you out there, thank you so much for voting. I knew absolutely nothing about Yemen so this was very interesting to research. Unfortunately, the poor people of this country are suffering greatly and have been in a civil war since 2015 which has now brought about the worst humanitarian crisis in history.

There was a lot of sadness in reading about the problems they are facing and I was feeling a bit hopeless so I have decided that I will be donating the income I receive from google for you all watching this video to UNICEF. It won’t be much but I do hope it helps at least one child from starving another moment. My thoughts are with the good people of Yemen and I send love and hope that the struggle will end soon.

Also if you would like to donate anything as well here is the link to UNICEF –

Below are some resources where I learned a bit about the country both the happy and the sad.

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  • Bullet Journal – Marie en Rose A5 –
  • Washi Tape –
  • Precision blade hobby knife –
  • Hobby a3 Cutting Mat –
  • Mechanical Pencil Set –
  • Electric Eraser –
  • Kneadable Eraser –
  • Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils –
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Black Pens, Multi Tips(Japan)-
  • Uni-Ball Signo Broad Gold Gel Pen –
  • Ohuhu Water Based Dual Tip Markers –
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen 2 Pens Set –
  • Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor and Gouache Painting Tool kit –
  • Holbein Artist Gouache Set –
  • NoIssue HYDR8 Stamp –


Artist – Smartface
As well as the MAY Bullet Journal Setup
Also please note that this was sourced via Epidemic Sound




  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:39 Yemen, Socotra Island, Dragon Blood Trees
  • 3:03 Gouache Paint
  • 3:50 Positioning – Travel Girl and Socotra Chameleon
  • 6:00 Cover Final
  • 6:24 Calendar Spread Arabian Leopard
  • 7:20 Qat or Khat
  • 9:04 Calendar Final
  • 9:35 Needs & Wants – Yemenite Silversmithing
  • 11:17 Meal Planner – Coffea Arabica
  • 13:48 Spread Final
  • 14:05 Mind Map – Tawakkol Karman
  • 16:05 UNICEF pledge – Youtube earnings to UNICEF
  • 17:33 Beauty of Yemen
  • 20:24 Mind Map Final
  • 21:00 Goodliness spread – Habit Tracker – Dar al-Hajar
  • 24:04 Goodliness Final
  • 24:43 Week One – Qamariya Windows
  • 27:36 – My new Stamp
  • 29:30 Final Flip through + New Patreon THANK YOU for your support!!

Disclaimer: Also any sponsorships and collaborations will be mentioned at the start of the video. Also, some of the links listed above are affiliated so that if you click on one of the product links I can receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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