12 Easy Christmas Gift Tags Ideas | DIY | Xmas with Watercolor

Easy Christmas Gift Tags

Create 12 easy Christmas Gift tags following my step by step guide using watercolor paints to make your gift ideas even better!

If you have created your own gift tags then let me know by #drawithtorryn on Instagram or direct message me. Also if you enjoyed this video or have some constructive criticism then please let me know in the comments section. Either here on my homepage or using the comments section below the video on YouTube.

The links to some of the tools I used are below are through Amazon Australia and are available wherever you are. Aside from that I recommend hunting for bargain products to affordably create your own personalised gift tag ideas.

Have a Merry Christmas! x x x

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Mechanical Pencil
Staedtler Mars Technico & leads
Art Knife
Lehosek Precision Hobby Craft Knife –
Uni Pin Fine Line Marker 0.2mm

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