Watercolour Cherry Blossom 2colours

Watercolour Cherry Blossom 2colours

Hi guys, Welsomce to this video on how to create a Watercolour Cherry Blossom using 2 colours. Above all you can see below for a simple yet awesome step by step way to create a beautiful cherry blossom. Initially this started as an image but has now been able to turn this into a card using only two watercolours.

When you create a birthdday card, I feel that it makes it a lot more personal and gives you a chance to express yourself to a friend. This design wasn’t intended to be a birthday card initally but seeing that I loved it so much I would like to gift this to a close friend.

If you guys like this and want to create your own designs then please share them to me on my Instagram @drawwithtorryn. Hope you guys enjoy the video and remember if you have any comments to share then please drop them below!

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Watercolour Cherry Blossom 2colours

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