OCTOBER Bullet Journal Setup 2020 Oman Bullet Journey

OCTOBER Bullet Journal Setup. So this months theme for my bullet journal set up is ‘O’ for Oman. This month I have included how I began with watrecolor as well as a meal planner and my tracker. Above all I hope you enjoy these Oman themed illustrations including the oases, turtles, culture, landmarks, Frankincense and more!

Also let me know if you enjoyed this setup in the comments below and remember that the suggestions for voting on next months setup will be posted next week. So take care guys and happy planning!
♥️ Torryn x x

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JUNE 2020 Setup Jamaica theme – https://youtu.be/i03jJ34XiOA
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Hobby a3 Cutting Mat – https://geni.us/Fbf7KJI
Mechanical Pencil Set – https://geni.us/7JuWK
Kneadable Eraser – https://geni.us/5Zvyeg
Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils – https://geni.us/wih0
Sakura Pigma Micron Black Pens, Multi Tips(Japan)- https://geni.us/DzQlzq
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The Frazer Price Palette Box – https://youtu.be/DDa6tl4LpvM


Songs by Dylan Sitts & Matt Large for OCTOBER Bullet Journal Setup
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0:00 Intro
0:20 My First Watercolor Kit – Frazer Price Palette Box
1:46 Monthly Cover Spread – Oasis
2:44 Travelling Girl on My Bullet Journey
3:21 Oases References
3:50 Measure & Cut
4:39 Cover Page reveal
4:59 Minimalist Calendar Page
6:00 Calendar reveal
6:12 Needs & Wants page – Omani Mandoo
7:17 Meal Plan – Mountain Dew Liquid Gold
8:14 Date Night footage – Hummus Club Perth
9:03 Mind Map page (Brain dump)
9:49 Omani Batoola reference image
10:50 Scarf Netting cross hatching
11:24 Mind Map Title Fudenosuke calligraphy
11:54 Washi Tape Shop product!
12:35 Mind Map page reveal
12:43 Goodliness Spread (Frankincense & Loggerhead Turtle)
13:35 Frankincense meaning
14:23 Loggerhead Turtle – Masirah Island Nesting
15:24 Western Australia Plug!
15:50 Goodliness page reveal
16:05 Week One – Minimal Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
17:38 Final Reveal

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