OCTOBER Bullet Journal WEEKLY spread | 2020 Oman Bullet Journey

OCTOBER Bullet Journal WEEKLY spread 2020 Oman Bullet Journey.

So we continue our Oman adventure with the setups for the remaining weeks of October in my bullet journal. Oman is such an amazing holiday location. So I try to use this video to share what I have learned about this beautiful piece of the world. As always thank you so much for showing your support and I am always keen to hear your feedback!

However I hope you enjoy these spreads and remember to share your VOTE for NEXT MONTH’s country in the comments. So I have detailed the 3 choices for our ‘N’ for November location in the video. Also I would really appreciate it if you could share my channel with a friend who you believe would enjoy my work as well. Above all take care and hope to catch you on my Sketchbook entry for Oman!

♥️ Torryn x x

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Artist – Dylan Sitts
Songs – Carpet; Cashmere; Park Inn; So Thankful; Ten Days
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  • OCTOBER Bullet Journal WEEKLY
  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:23 First Weekly Spread – Desert Door
  • 1:30 Omani Door Refrence
  • 2:11 First Weekly Spread – Reveal
  • 2:31 Second Weekly Spread – Mattrah Souk
  • 3:15 Hanging Pots and Baskets Reference
  • 4:25 Cursive Calligraphy
  • 4:45 Second Weekly Spread – Reveal
  • 4:56 Third Weekly Spread – Nakha1l Fort
  • 5:27 Nakhal Fort Spread
  • 6:21 Safe country Oman
  • 6:53 Fix a Bullet Journal error & Reveal
  • 7:14 Gold/Gilded Washi Tape addition
  • 7:50 Fourth Weekly Spread – Chedi Hotel Muscat
  • 8:32 Fourth Weekly Spread – Reveal
  • 9:05 Final flip through

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