OMAN in my SKETCHBOOK + Next months country reveal


Next months country revealMy relaxing sketchbook session is of an underwater example of the amazing marine life living around Oman. I chose a few of the incredible sea creatures to build a colorful underwater haven with my watercolors.
This piece was really enjoyable and I have tried to be as loose and relaxed when creating. So sit back and enjoy the this informative look at the place that is world reknowned for its scores of marine life! Also a massive thank you to all those who have voted for my November bullet journal theme as it is counted up and revealed within this video! If you enjoy my art channel please Like the video & Subscribe to my channel to help me out.
Thanks for watching!
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  • Artist – Song (in order)
  • PinkLooksWhite – NAPALM (Instrumental version)
  • Pandaraps – Dolores St. Park
  • Dusty Decks – Ring Wear Saga
  • Dylan Sitts – Toast
  • Dusty Decks – When the Noise Settles
  • Pandaraps – Chicken Little (Instrumental version)
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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:27 Watercolor painting
  • 1:05 Painting description
  • 1:35 The Composition
  • 2:22 Vote counting – Netherlands/Norway/New Zealand
  • 3:16 Elements I chose – Marine Life
  • 3:52 Fear of sharks
  • 4:25 Deep sea diver
  • 4:50 Loggerhead Turtle
  • 5:18 Lionfish, Mobula Ray & Honeycomb Moray Eel
  • 6:21 How I start my painting
  • 7:01 Neon Lesson from South Korea Bullet Journal entry
  • 8:07 Too much detail?
  • 8:50 Why I break up each subject
  • 9:38 Coral reef texture
  • 10:10 Wet on Wet technique
  • 11:00 Voting Check-In & Reveal
  • 12:23 Oman Watercolor piece overview

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