50 Cute Bullet Journal Titles & Headers! The ULTIMATE Guide

50 Cute Bullet Journal Titles & Headers! Welcome to the ultimate guide of titles or headers for your bullet journal. In this video I show you a bunch of super simple ways to make your titles pop!

From slight changes in the way you lay out your text to how you surround it or add little doodles to make them unique and cute looking. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite! x
♥️ Torryn x x

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50 Cute Bullet Journal Titles & Headers!
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  • 0:00 Intro
  • (1-5) 0:30 – Tucked Pencil, Loose Circles, Bunting, Calligraphy
  • (6-8) 1:37 – Banner, Block Arch Hearts, Stacked circle, String Banner
  • (9-12) 2:56 – Script tails, Oval shadow, Scroll banner, Curly brackets
  • (13-17) 3:45 – Brush cloud, Friends!, Dot frame, Bubble drops, Up Down Dots
  • (18-22) 4:54 – Open brackets, Easy dotted, Floating banner, Dash arches, All-time favorite(with white out)
  • (23-25) 6:17 – Simple Brush pen, Arrow banner, 3D Script
  • (26-30) 7:19 – Vertical title, Book spine, Poster title, Curly arrows, Stacked wreath
  • (31-34) 8:19 – Bubble border, Brush pen cursive, Flower egg, Capital swirl
  • (35-38) 9:21 – Drive-In Circles, Loose ovals, Tall Legs, Large serif strokes
  • (39-5) 10:12 – Diamond stack, Leaf Cross, Arrow banner
  • (42-43) 11:03 – Circle Contain, Flower Dots
  • (44-47) 11:30 – Sun Dial, Brush+Marker Scribbles, Curling Banner, Brush Pen Loop
  • (48-50) 11:03 – Dot seperation, Stacked Marker Cloud, Ornate frame
  • 13:30 Final Reveal & Update

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