JANUARY Bullet Journal WEEKLY 2021 PLAN WITH ME Belgium (4K)

JANUARY Bullet Journal WEEKLY 2021 PLAN WITH ME Belgium (4K)

JANUARY Bullet Journal WEEKLY 2021 PLAN WITH ME Belgium (4K)
 Continuing our adventure through Belgium this week as I set up my weekly spreads in my bullet journal. There were so many beautiful places and interesting things to learn about Belgium but I did have to narrow it down to a few of my faves so I hope you like the choices. Special mention to the beautiful town of Ghent (which I didn’t get to include, but I looked through this beautiful medieval city and was so wanting to show the famous Gravensteen castle but didn’t have enough room – so check it out if you get the chance!) Hope you like the video and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your votes for next month!
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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:36 First Week – Manneken Pis
  • 1:32 First Week – Manneken Pis Outfits
  • 2:00 First Week – Grand Place
  • 2:25 First Week – Annual flower carpet
  • 3:35 First Week Final
  • 3:47 Second Week – Hallerbos Blue Forest
  • 4:37 Second Week – Tools used and how to
  • 6:03 Second Week Final
  • 6:18 Third Week – Belgian Beer
  • 6:34 Third Week – Orval Abbey
  • 7:22 Third Week – Trappist Beer
  • 7:58 Third Week – Tools used and how to
  • 8:52 Third Week Final
  • 9:06 Fourth Week – Victor Horta – Hotel Tassel
  • 10:05 Fourth Week – Art Nouveau architecture
  • 11:05 Fourth Week – Tools used and how to
  • 11:54 Fourth Week Final
  • 12:11 10k Subscriber Instagram TY and Next week preview
  • 12:33 Our February Country Lucky Dip & Comment your choice!

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