ART NOUVEAU Watercolor Painting & Product Review + FEB Country REVEAL

ART NOUVEAU Watercolor Painting
As I mentioned in my last video I was super keen to keep working in an Art Nouveau style as a follow on my research about Victor Horta in Belgium, so I was really excited to try these new Kuratake Gold watercolors in this style. I decided on a Boho styled girl with lots of ornate detail around her and then painting it in using each of the colours from the palette.

It’s quite obvious in the video how I feel about this palette but I still hope you learn a bit about the watercolours in case you were keen on getting them yourself.
♥️ Torryn x x

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ART NOUVEAU Watercolor Painting
Artist – Timothy Infinite –… Sourced via Epidemic Sound… (Any subscriptions through my link above earn me a free month with Epidemic Sound at no extra cost to you. I really appreciate it!)



  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:58 Swatches on White paper
  • 3:00 Swatches on Black paper
  • 4:23 Inking and the Inspiration
  • 5:40 Painting on the watercolors
  • 6:39 Full Patron access for tutorial and artwork
  • 8:05 Prompt or Cue word based on each new country idea
  • 9:23 Feb country reveal
  • 9:50 ‘Art On Cue’ community art prompt word
  • 11:15 Newsletter announcement!
  • 12:04 Completing the painting
  • 12:46 Final original art piece

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