BEGINNER DIGITAL ARTIST – My First Digital Painting

BEGINNER DIGITAL ARTIST – My First Digital Painting
I am officially starting my ‘digital journey’ in 2021! So excited to share this with you guys and although it’s different from my usual content I hope you still enjoy it. I am so inspired by the way some artists use digital technology to create absolute masterpieces and I have been really wanting to experiment and see what I could create if I just sat down and gave it a go.

Let me know what you think of this and any tips you have are welcome! Thanks for watching guys x
β™₯️ Torryn x x

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BEGINNER DIGITAL ARTIST – My First Digital Painting
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  • 0:00​ Intro
  • 0:30​ Sketch Warm-Up
  • 1:30​ Digital Eye
  • 2:40​ Get started
  • 3:00​ Image Reference
  • 3:44​ Digital / Traditional Art
  • 4:52​ Where to next?
  • 5:45​ Starting to work
  • 6:53​ Skin layer or… not
  • 8:10​ Building layers
  • 8:45​ Helpful tip
  • 9:23​ Now for the hair
  • 10:06​ My process and progress
  • 11:21​ Add more Mid-Tones and Highlights
  • 12:09​ Learning the tablet – Wacom Intuos Pro
  • 12:54​ Finer details
  • 13:43​ Composition – Add Bold Earring
  • 15:00​ Add a background
  • 16:14​ And I’m finished…
  • 16:47​ Or am I?
  • 17:18​ Finished piece of my first digital painting

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