Bullet Journal FLIP THROUGH 2020 + 2021 JANUARY Voting

Bullet Journal FLIP THROUGH 2020 + 2021 JANUARY Voting
So we are fast approaching the end of the very strange year of 2020, I thought it was time to go back through my bullet Journal setups since January and reflect on the year in my bullet journey.

I have had such a great time planning, researching, sketching and using the journal spreads every month and I’m sooo happy that this theme has interested all of you as much as it has me. Thank you so much for all of your support and for coming on this journey with me.

Don’t forget to stick around til the end of the video to see me reveal the plan for choosing 2021 country themes – I will need your help in voting for each month. Please comment down below with your favourite choice from the 3 options. Subscribe to the channel to see updates in my community posts and for when I reveal the country theme winners!

♥️ Torryn x x

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